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The magic is in the details.


Don’t take our word for it. Have a peek through our collection of photos and see for yourself what essential elements make Forest Days Camp so special.


Scattered around the forest, all 4 of our unique camps enjoy the same elements inside and outside our beautiful canvas tents. The only difference amongst them being, their location in this expanse of mountain forest.

This is a little window into our world of Wild Camping.


The Elements:      



You will stay in one of our beautiful bell tents, with the facilities you’d expect to find in a boutique hotel rather than the middle of a forest.

Especially imported from the UK, these spacious tents offer the ultimate in indulgent outdoor tented accommodation. They are made of 100% natural cotton which gives them a lovely warm and cosy feeling. 


Each tent is a complete and independent unit, with its own wooden eco-toilet hut outside just for you, outdoor furniture handmade from the forest’s own wood and hammocks and hanging seats to while away the day.


The tents are carefully positioned across the 5 hectares of woodland and fields so each one has its own private space and secluded atmosphere, making this experience the perfect romantic escapade.


The Set-Up: 

Inside the tent a massive super-king sized bed awaits you, with white crisp cotton sheets, a cosy duvet, soft pillows and fluffy towels. 

During winter the tent is heated with a small wood burning stove where you can heat up the kettle. There is also a small gas cooker and a selection of tea and coffee to allow you to make a hot drink when the stove is not lit.


Lighting both inside and outside the tent is solar and for the longer winter nights, beautiful paraffin lanterns give a truly romantic glow.


Satellite tent for kids:

Satellite: (noun)  /ˈsætəlaɪt/   [ sat-l-ahyt ]   : "Any celestial body that orbits around a larger body."


Our satellite tent is The Ultimate Den for our youngest campers. Their space. Their rules.

This cute mini version of the big adults tent sits nearby, and gives everybody extra space (and extra adventures!)

You can find out more about it and check some lovely piccies out here >>



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The Eco-Toilet Hut

Charming eco living

Eco living

The Forest Grounds

Discover its secret corners

Forest Grounds

Halfway between rustic and playful, this wooden dry-toilet hut reminds you of something out of the pages of Robinson Crusoe’s adventures or the old Tarzan of the Jungle films.


This quirky eco-bathroom summarises our approach to finding solutions in the simplest and most nature-friendly way possible, without over-engineering the result.


The use of dry-toilets is an increasingly popular option in many eco-conscious countries to reduce water wastage.

So do your bit for the planet and save yourself a walk to the bathrooms!



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Your adventure starts here. Take a deep breath and step into the forest. 


When you arrive, everything is sorted; every detail is taken care of. You don’t have any chores to do before you start enjoying yourself. 


Get lost wandering through the trees and the woodland's many bends, twists and levels. 


Remember how wonderful it feels gathering wood for your own fire. Take up foraging for wild, delicious mushrooms in autumn, a very seriously taken hobby in this part of the world, or pick up fresh blackberries and figs. 


Grab the picnic blanket and sit down under a shady oak with a good book, or find a sunny spot and have your very own Mad Hatter’s Tea party. 


Here everything is possible



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The Shower Shed

Quirky facilities and library

The Shed

There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot steamy shower after a day full of excitements.


Just next to where you left your car you'll find our stylish yet quirky shower shed with its pallet furniture theme featuring steamy hot showers, traditional flushing toilets and a small but essential recycling point. 


Here you can charge your gadgets, browse through some old books or find information about local activities or good restaurants in the area. 


In the small but well-stocked ‘honesty bar fridge’ you will find a selection of local produce; cold drinks, healthy nibbles, wine from local upcoming vineyards and even a bottle of cold fizzy cava to celebrate your adventures.



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Camp Fire

The Camp Fire

The magic of fire and stars

During the colder months, gathering around the warmth of the open fire whilst watching the last minutes of precious daylight slowly disappear behind the hills is a favourite pastime here at Forest Days. 


There’s a brief little window of time when the clouds form bright red, intricate silhouettes in the sky just minutes before the sun hides, giving way to a crisp and starry night.


The blackness is so deep that you can’t stop looking up, admiring the twinkling pins of light right above you, beer in hand, sitting on a soft straw bale in good company while the heat bounces off your knees and good conversation and laughter warms up your soul.



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The Forest Kitchen

Slow living at the rhythm of nature

Forest Kitchen

The cooking and fire area of any great adventurer’s camp, has always been a focal point where hearty meals are prepared, stories of the day’s discoveries are shared and plans for tomorrow’s exploits are made around a crackling fire or under the summer stars. 


Well here at Forest Days it’s no different! Gathering around a busy kitchen is one of the most wonderful pleasures of modern life but doing it on an open air outdoor space like ours, cooking al fresco with beautiful views and surroundings, it’s an experience on its own!


Everything slows down to the rhythm of nature in Forest Days and the experience of cooking couldn’t be different.


Taking you time while waiting for the water to boil to do the washing up becomes the perfect excuse for a long lunch and allows you to pause and enjoy the moment without rushing. Doing the dishes with the help of the young ones while enjoying the sun soon becomes a game that everybody is willing to play.


We hope you enjoy this central area whether you simply want to cook a romantic meal for the two of you, or share stories and maybe a bottle of wine with some of your fellow adventurers!


The Forest Kitchen is equipped with a gas BBQ, gas hobs, a fun washing-up area and large family tables to enjoy your delicious meals or supper while the sun goes down. 

It is a very special space, rustic in style, totally off-grid but completely self-sufficient, and with beautiful views!


Ah! You are very welcome to use your own cooking equipment or simply rent our fully stocked beautiful cooking kit from us (30 Euros per stay for couples / 45 Euros per stay for families).


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Wild Swimming

Rivers, pools and lakes

Wild Swimming

Cooling off the natural way.


Why have artificial swimming pools when just 10 minutes’ walk down our hill there’s a gorgeous little river meandering through rocky walls and trees? The Old Mill Lock and its sweet little cascade is just one of hundreds of other hidden pools to cool off in.


If you are looking to submerge yourself in a larger expanse of water and swim to your hearts content, head towards the Panta de Sant Ponc or Llosa del Cavall , two beautiful lakes only a short drive away where you can spend the day kayaking or just picnicking on their shores.



Check out more water adventures nearby >>


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Mountains and Views

Flying without wings

Mountains and Views

Try standing motionless holding your breath on the edge of the cliffs while taking

in the spectacular views; it feels as if time slows down.


The quick 600 metre climb of the Busa cliffs just behind Forest Days allows you, on a crisp clear day, to marvel at views covering nearly two thirds of Catalonia. 


In front of you the Montseny massif close to the coast in the east, the famous Montserrat mountain near Barcelona in the south and the sail-shaped Montsec massif, with its world famous rock climbing areas, to your west. 


As you turn, Pedraforca, Port del Comte and the Cadi massif draw your eyes north to the higher Pyrenees and you can’t help but start planning your next walk or adventure.



Check out more mountain adventures nearby >>


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