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Our little shop in the forest

Welcome to our small Camp Store.

We’ve always been fascinated by those quirky and dusty corner stores which you find still now in small remote towns. Inside them, necessity rules instead of fashion.

You can find all sorts of things in them: string, seeds, wooden handles, beside tins of beans, stamps and shoe shine. There’s a wisdom in that chaos because is extremely functional.

Here we’ve tried to find and offer you beautiful, quirky and also practical things, which we think will make your experience with us more interesting, fulfilling and memorable. Over time we’ll keep on adding some more tempting items to this hodgepodge.

But don't be put off by the jumble! Shopping is always more fun when is unpredictable, don’t you think?

Happy browsing!


   Available  on our Online Store   

Available only

when booking a stay :

...and our Forest Days Gift Wallet

downloadable for free!

Wood Spirits ENG

Forest Days'



Forest Spirits

/ˈfɒrɪst ˈspɪrɪt/

Noun  -  Nom  -  Nombre


"A supernatural, incorporeal being, believed to inhabit the forest."

The magic behind knocking on wood.

For centuries in indo-european cultures, people believed that forests were inhabited by tree spirits, a supernatural being, deeply wise and kind, but immensely powerful.

Seasoned travellers, when crossing the threshold of a forest, would gently knock on the trunk of a tree in order to awaken the sleeping spirit inside and as a request for their guidance and protection during the journey.

The mere act of being in contact with this powerful and benevolent force, was believed to be a source of tranquillity and calmness.

It was customary to carve a Forest Spirit on a piece of wood, which in turn became a prized talisman that was gifted to loved ones. His presence, in a home, brought prosperity, health, good luck and well-being. When a home welcomed a Forest Spirit, it would be forever protected and blessed.

The Forest Spirits we present you here, lovingly carved by patient hands who love and respect this wood born of local Catalan forests, are very unique. 

With their humble raw beauty, they take us to an ingenuous, honest world of unquestionable authenticity, where true magic lies in everlasting simplicity. 

Every time we take a look at them,

they’ll quietly remind us of that remarkable lesson.

Food ENG

Forest Days'



Oh, we know. You’re tired and hungry after a whole day of adventures and want to eat something scrumptious and healthy with very little effort, fast. Really fast.

We get it.

Fortunately, the Organic BBQ Feasts packs and other delicacies have finally arrived!

   What would you like to order?   


BBQ Packs

  100% Organic  

  Meat BBQ PACKS  

  from the local farmer  


At Forest Days we're very proud and excited to offer this delicious Organic BBQ meat packs from our local Organic farmer and butcher, Cal Monegal. These Organic farming pioneers have been raising their organic livestock for 17 years now among the meadows of their lovely farm in Olius and the luscious high pastures of the Busa plateau, all just a few kilometres from Forest Days.

It’s a real luxury to be able to enjoy meat products of such an exceptional quality and outstanding traceability as this.
So howz’ that for sustainable "0 Km" cuisine!

All you have to do to enjoy this treat is pre-order them Online when you make your booking or by contacting us on the form below at least 3 days before your arrival, and you will find them waiting for you in the cool section of The Shed, ready for you to cook in our outdoor space – The Forest Camp Kitchen.

Each pack is designed for 2 people and vacuum packed for your convenience. All 3 varieties are paired up together with 2 bottles of beautiful beer from a Catalan artisan brewery. And yes! You’ll also find it cool and ready when you arrive.

So you just simply decide what you want to bring to eat along this Meat Feast and you’re ready to go! 

It couldn’t be easier.

Organic BBQ Packs for Two

2 x 220 gms homemade burgers of pure, ecological 100% beef complete with 2 slices of locally sourced organic ‘cansalada’ (thick pancetta)


2 bottles of delicious artisan beer.

30 Euros / Pack for Two

Traditional mix grill of 100% of Organic local meats.
2 x Organic Pork ‘butifarra’ (Chunky sausage 100% meat)
2 x Organic lamb chops
2 x Organic lamb cutlets/leg steaks 
2 x slices of Organic ‘cansalada’ (thick pork pancetta)


2 bottles of delicious artisan beer.


Organic BBQ Packs for Two

35 Euros / Pack for Two

Organic BBQ Packs for Two



You can request your Barbecue packs Online when you make your Booking – look out for them in the ‘Additional Extras’ section - or simply by contacting us using the form below.

Please allow 3 days before arrival for the order to be completed.

* The ordering of food items from our Store is currently only for customers with a reservation.

40 Euros / Pack for Two

Organic BBQ Packs for Two


2 x cuts of Organic beef ribs "Asado de Tira" (short ribs cut transversally)
1 single 500gm cut of Organic "Asado Churrasco" beef meat (Skirt steak is an unusual cut and is well known for succulence and flavour)



2 bottles of delicious artisan beer.

Camp Food ENG

  Local & delicious  


  by Santa Llúcia Restaurant  

   Coming Soon!  


This will get you licking your chops as fast as you say "Greased Lightning"! All you have to bring to the table is a good appetite after a day of adventures, and let the professional Chefs do the rest.


We’ve partnered with the lovely people of our excellent neighbouring restaurant - Santa Llúcia Restaurant - to bring you a spoonful of Solsonès County and Pyrenean Cuisine to your plate, in no time!



our Ready Camp Meals for 2 people


With Diego and Rosa, the owners and Chef at this local restaurant, we share a deep love for this valley. Those beautiful rolling hills that make us all so happy and all the goodness it can offer, when it comes to local produce. 

And we’re really chuffed they will be serving some of their best local dishes to our hungry guests!


We absolutely love that these Camp Food is prepared with beautiful meat from the organic neighbouring farm - Cal Pauet de la Vall d’Ora (ahem.. at 0.8 Kms!) - and vegetables harvested on the hillside fields of this prepirinean area. Like the utterly famous “Mountain Black Pea” - a local green pea variety that grows only in this altitude to give it their renowned flavour.


This is good honest food at its best. Unfussy and unpretentious. A dream for any camper to fill up their billy can with so much magic.

These guys know what they’re doing and we really can't choose which one is best, Meat or Veg, they are both so good! 

So sorry, we are no help with the decision. Yum!


  The Details  

The meals are designed for two people and you can choose your main dish from Meat or Vegetarian options in the following manner: two meat dishes, two vegetarian dishes, or one of each.

You can request your CAMP FOOD when you make your Booking – look out for them in the ‘Additional Extras’ section - or later on, simply by contacting us using the form below.

Please allow 24 hours for the order to be completed. The food is served refrigerated, and once you place your order, you will find it ready on your day of arrival, in the fridge in our Larder.

This will work well either if you’ve brought all your pots and pans or if you’ve turned up with your hands in your pockets ready to enjoy the action (paper plates and wooden cutlery is included).

You can heat up the food in a pan over the hobs at the Forest Camp Kitchen, or if you wish, in the Microwave Oven (secretly hidden in our Larder area) and voila! 

Ready to tuck in in seconds.


CAMP FOOD for 2 people


Santa Llúcia Restaurant


Starter for 2:

Baked focaccia, smothered in caramelised onion and goat’s cheese

with a fresh and crunchy side salad.


Stew of local Mountain Black Peas with a thick and chunky organic 100% Porc “Butifarra” Catalan sausage.



1/2 aubergine baked with a rich tomato and onion sauce, covered in parmesan cheese and served on a bed of white rice

2 Main Dishes

to choose from:

You can choose one of each, or two of the same.


Pudding for 2:

Rosa's epic,

tears-of-happiness inducing,

and glorious



2 Lyons DYI filter Coffee.

2 tetrabricks of cold Water.

Fossil River Salt & Pepper, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fairtrade cane sugar.

Compostable plates, napkins and wooden cutlery for two.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

2 bottles of cold Vic Brewery’s delicious IPA artisan beer.






  Coming soon! 

You can request your CAMP FOOD when you make your Booking – look out for them in the ‘Additional Extras’ section - or simply by contacting us using the form below.

Please allow 24 hours before arrival for the order to be completed.

Once you place your order, you will find it ready on your day of arrival in the fridges section.

* The ordering of food items from our Store is currently only for customers with a reservation.

Forest Days'



Editorial Grata Lectura 


Those sweet little booklets depicting old Catalan traditions, curiosities and customs are produced by our friends from GrataLectura, a small boutique Publishing house settled in our own home town, Solsona.


Yep, rural Catalonia it’s just like that.

Writers, actors, sculptors.. you name it.


All sorts of geniuses have come out of this little corner of the world. And what a corner!  Besides, we are undeniably special up here in the mountains.. Ah!.. and modest!.

3 Euros / Booklet

Forest Days Books - Cordill

Only available when you make a reservation. You'll be able to order it from the Extras" page.

You will find it in your camp when you get to Forest Days!

Gift Voucher

Forest Days


Spread the Forest Magic by surprising your loved ones with a Forest Days’ experience. As easy and as fun as getting our special Gift Wallet and printing it yourself!



A unique present with a lovely DIY twist.


This is a present that has everything. First, a stay at Forest Days has all the ingredients for the perfect gift. It will be an incredibly fun and exciting experience that will not be easily forgotten.


And then, our specially designed Forest Days' Gift Wallet allows you to present it in such a lovely and unique way! Definitely you cannot find one of these in the shops!


Just follow these simple instructions and you’ll definitely be crowned - Queen or King - Gift Maker!



Request the file here:

Thanks - we'll send you the file shortly!




Et voila! Your lovely present is ready!


Be prepared for the success!



Kind regards

from the Forest.



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