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THE EXPERIENCE:  # 1 Factor of 3  

Your Space in the Forest

Forest Days is an experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

It’s a voyage into the world of old fashioned camping for dreamy explorers and unflagging globe-trotters.


Your base camp in the forest contains all the necessary elements, handcrafted with a quirky look and a romantic touch, so you only have to bring a few essentials. Each old fashioned and robust tent is named after a famous adventurer and has a wood hut dry-toilet just for you, masses of space around so you won't see anybody else unless you wish to and beautiful little details that will make your experience unforgettable.  


You will experience the thrill of sleeping amongst trees with only a layer of cotton canvas between you and the night. With a warm, comfy and luxuriously big bed and a glowing wood burner during the winter months, you will fall asleep to the lulling sound of the forest.


Do you want to discover more about the key elements of your space in the forest?


The Tent: The beauty of simplicity >>

The Dry-Toilet Hut: Charming eco living >>

The Shower Shed: Quirky facilities and recycling haven >>

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THE EXPERIENCE:  # 2 Factor of 3  

The Forest Atmosphere

Its stillness will draw you into a different rhythm; the slow and wise pace of nature.


Walk gently around the pines and oak trees and listen attentively to the million sounds and chirps the forest plays for you. No matter how hectic your life feels, in here you will sense its soothing peace seeping in.


Integration with the natural environment you find yourself in, is Forest Days’ main philosophy. That’s why you won’t find manicured lawns and perfect paths but a whole world of untouched nature to explore. 


Each of the camp corners, scattered throughout the five hectares of land, has its own character. Some of them are more inviting for couples looking for a romantic retreat, whilst others are more attractive if you want to share the experience with your children.


Find out what makes the forest atmosphere so special:


The Forest Grounds: Discover its Secret Corners >>

The Camp Fire: The Magic of Fire and Stars >>

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THE EXPERIENCE:  # 3 Factor of 3  

The Scenic Setting

You will find us in the foothills of the Catalan Pyrenees, where the fertile farmlands to the south meet the rugged mountains to the north.


Located deep in the heart of traditional rural Catalonia, Forest Days is set at 640 metres above sea level, in a mixture of unspoiled meadows and old woodlands with magnificent views right across this amazing part of the world.


Conveniently located just a little over an hour from the bustling city centre of Barcelona yet you will feel you are a million miles away. 


Beautiful snow-capped mountains in autumn and winter and luscious greenery with rushing rivers in spring and summer mean that you can enjoy the magic of every season. 


Its enchanting historic towns and little quaint villages with incredible gastronomic choices will win you over. A consolidated network of cycle routes and trekking trails will definitely keep you busy and active as will the wide choice of snow sports during winter.


There’s definitely something to cater for every taste.


Discover the magnificent mountains and rivers of the pre-Pyrenees here:


Mountains & Views: Flying without wings >>

Wild Swimming: Cooling off the natural way >>

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