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Set in the foothills of the Catalan Pyrenees

Four fully furnished white cotton tents

Five hectares of meadows and unspoilt forest

One wild and authentic experience

Welcome to Forest Days

Forest Days is an experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers.


It’s a voyage into the world of forgotten explorers and old fashioned adventurers’ camps, where the smell of wood smoke and damp earth fills the air

and the raw beauty of simple and authentic things becomes the world’s biggest luxury.


Discovering the thrill of sleeping in the midst of the forest

with only a layer of canvas between you and the starlit night

is a dream come true for the inner child that lives in our hearts.


At Forest Days we believe in hot sunny days, refreshing summer storms,

the swirling mists of autumn, in leisurely sunsets and the rustling of the wind in the trees.


We believe in loving every minute of it

and in waking every morning

from the warm embrace of your shelter,

ready to seize the bright, sunny day ahead.


This is the Forest Days' spirit.


Welcome to your adventure.



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