The Adventures

To say that there is lots to do around the area is an understatement, but don’t stress! We want you to take it at your own pace.  That’s the number one rule

at Forest Days.


You can have a look below at our personal little list of “Things We Love To Do” for some inspirations. From G&T’s to wild swimming. Or kayaking. Or trekking. Or a secret place to listen to music by the river.


Or if you tell us what makes you tick we would love to put together a “plan for the day" for you!

If you have a real craving for adventure there are plenty more high adrenalin options such as climbing, caving, horse riding, gorge walking or parapenting. We will spring open our many maps, dig out our guide books and take into account the weather forecast, the driving distances and furrow our eyebrows wisely-looking to summon our local knowledge (after all, half of the Forest Days team is native) and come up with a great plan of action.

Or no action at all. You decide.


You want to visit Barcelona, since it's only a little over an hour away, you say? (gasp!)

We won’t be able to help ourselves. We will spill the beans. We will tell you where the loveliest, trendiest, divinest and coolest restaurants, shops, streets and corners of the city are.


You’ve been warned.



The Top of Busa's Cliffs

Snow Love




Excellent quick fix if you’re yearning for soaring mountain views! 

Follow our road to the end of the Vall d’Ora valley and 20 minutes later you’ll find yourself some 1400 metres up, with some breath-taking sights and fun walks to do for every level of fitness. 

Once winter comes the fun moves higher up the mountains instead of down by the rivers and pools.

The downhill ski station of Port del Comte and the cross-country area of Tuixent - La Vansa are only 40 mins drive away. Spend the day skiing - or snow shoeing - then come back and warm up by a roaring stove!

Walking and Biking you said?


Grab your boots, bike or running shoes and get exploring! You can follow the Tour de France route from 2009 if you're into road biking, follow one of the many well marked mountain bike trails or just grab a map and make your own adventure - we'll help out if you need inspiration.

Your hipster fix: A trip to Barcelona


Let’s be fair, a one-day trip to this gorgeous city is like having only one lick at an ice-cream. We can arrange a longer stay for you, but if you have a day only we can share with you our famous Intense-City-Shot route. Just ask!


A Dip in the Old Mill Lock


Down at the bottom of our track there’s a very special place which is only known to the locals. It’s a hidden corner in the river where a little lock creates this really cool cascade of water - perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

A Morning Kayaking


Explore the meandering inlets and blue waters of the Llosa del Cavall reservoir and take a picnic with you to complete the day. Or glide over the waters of the lovely Panta de San Ponç where you can have a deserved mojito after a hard-day’s kayaking. 

Have a Cool G&T at Criolla


This trendy bar in the heart of the old town has some of the best cocktails this side of the mountains. Ask Andreu to DJ some of his all-time classics and sit under the arches watching the town go past. 

A Swim in the Lake


We don’t do artificial swimming pools, we prefer the real thing. The wild and deep emerald waters of Panta de Sant Ponç are only 12 mins drive from us! Find a quiet spot, have a dip and dry off under a pine tree with a book in your hand. Heaven.

 El Zoo del Pirineu


Go up and see our friends in Canalda and enjoy their daily flight show, showcasing all the fascinating birds that inhabit these mountains - falcons, eagles, owls and lots of other animals. You won’t be able to resist Guille the fox … so cute!

Solsona Medieval Town


There is a wealth of other information on what is on offer both in the town of Solsona and in the wider Solsones area provided by the utterly lovely people in the Tourism Information offices in Solsona.

FOREST DAYS' WEATHER FORECAST - there's fun to be had whatever the weather!