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To say that there is lots to do around the area is an understatement, but don’t stress! We want you to take it at your own pace.  

That’s the number one rule at Forest Days.

Things we like to do

You can have a look below at our personal little list of things we love to do for some inspirations. From Wild Swimming to G&T's. Or kayaking. Or trekking. Or a secret place where to observe truly wild vultures, unseen.

Or if you tell us what makes you tick we would love to put together a “plan for the day" for you! 
If you have a real craving for adventure there are plenty more high adrenalin options such as climbing, caving, gorge walking, bungee jumping or parapenting. 
You want to visit Barcelona, since it's only a little over an hour away, you say? (gasp!)
We won’t be able to help ourselves. We will spill the beans. 

We will spring open our many maps, dig out our guide books and take into account the weather forecast, the driving distances and furrow our eyebrows wisely-looking to summon all our local knowledge (after all, half of the Forest Days team is native!)

We fire up and come alive when helping our guests to come up with a great plan of action for the day.
Or no action at all.
You decide.

ENG Wate Adventure

: :  Water Adventures  : :

When was the last time you took a leisurely swim in a freshwater river or lake? Or did you go kayaking, gliding in cool, amazingly calm waters?

Forget about the sand, the bucket and the salt.

With these activities you will cool off the “mountain way”.


The Llosa del Cavall reservoir is an ideal place to visit by kayak and explore its rocky shores, stopping halfway to have a picnic in little inlets that are only accessible by water.

The boys of RELLEUS Kayaks - Marcel and Albert, who are also expert mountain guides - will advise you on how to access the most wonderful corners of the reservoir by kayak.

The Sant Ponç reservoir also offers a very fun day out for families with kids, where in addition to swimming and kayaking with Tirantmilles, you can also enjoy an excellent cold craft beer by the water on a beautiful terrace.

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A swim in the lake

We don’t do artificial swimming pools, we prefer the real thing. The wild and deep emerald waters of Panta de Sant Ponç are only 12 mins drive from us!


Find a quiet spot, have a dip and dry off under a pine tree with a book in your hand.



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Wild Swimming in the Aiguadora River

This small pre-Pyrenees river with fresh and crystal clear waters, has its source in the mountain town of Gósol, at an altitude of 1,958 meters.

L’Aiguadora is a real paradise for wild swimming lovers.

Swing your beach towel over your shoulder and head down to the river from your tent in the woods. You’ll reach the water in 15 minutes at a leisurely pace.


Since nature is very wise and everything is thought out in minute detail, you'll be able to recover your warmth from this icy cold water river with a climb up the hill back to your tent!

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ENG Naturalist Adventures

: :  Naturalist Adventures  : :

Forest Days'



It’s true. The Griffon Vultures of the Pyrenees are not great dancers, but if you have the opportunity to see them up close like this, we can assure you that you will want to dance with joy.

Do you love Netflix Nature documentaries? All those amazing landscapes, penguins and predators filling your screen, get your heart racing? 

Well then! Dare to live wildlife well up close and not from the sofa!

Become a Mountain Ranger for a day, feed the magnificent Griffon Vultures yourself and watch them feasting only a few meters away, without being seen!

Forget about High Definition images. 
This is the Real Thing.


 Have a look at our 

 Nature & Wildlife Field Trips  >>


Egiptian Vulture

(Neophron percnopterus)


Common Vulture

(Gyps fulvus)

ENG Adrenalin

: :  Adrenalin for the brave!  : :


Are you a daring family? Are you and your partner addicted to adrenaline?

If you want to try a water sport with a touch of discovery and excitement at every turn amongst truly wild nature, there is nothing like Canyoning.

The guys from RELLEUS Mountain Guides - Marcel and Albert - know the most incredible water routes in these valleys.

Let yourself be carried away by the zest for life of those two cheerful characters, don’t think about it too much and just jump into the water with them!

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Hot Air Ballooning

Ok. Let's face it. If you are in a hurry to get somewhere, the Hot Air Balloon may not be the most efficient way to travel. But it is, without a doubt, the most beautiful.

Take to the air peacefully in one of the most spectacular settings in Catalonia: The Pre-Pyrenees.

You will enjoy a privileged view of the Pyrenees mountain Range and rolling fields leading up to it. All with a glass of cava!

C’mon, you can't ask for more. Go and visit and book your space in that mighty basket!

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Bungee Jumping with  Bungee.Cat

If we tell you that in our region of Solsonés, in a spectacular mountainous setting, there is a place where you can experience Zero Gravity for a few moments, would you believe us?

No? That's because you don't know about Bungee Cat.

If you like really fast-paced adventures, or you know someone who's crazy about them, visit their website and then go to see them at the dam of the Llosa de Cavall reservoir.

Warning: This is not an Escape Room. 

These are real emotions.

You will fly through the air at breakneck speeds in one of the highest free falls in Europe: 122 meters high.
Be a James Bond for a morning, Golden Eye style!

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ENG Foodies

: :  Adventures for Foodies  : :

Visiting “El Miracle” Cellar

“And, where do you plan to build the cellar?” the Father Abbot asked them.

With that innocent question, the Abbot of El Miracle Monastery in the nearby town of Riner, started what was to become an incredible journey for two winemaking entrepreneurs.
Six years ago, when Jordi and Miquel Angel asked the monks if they could borrow some land to plant vineyards, the pair couldn't have imagined a better outcome for their crazy new venture.

And away they planted! 

Against all odds, at a whopping altitude of 780 meters, the vines thrived protected from the wind and cold temperatures on the Abbey most southwest facing plots of land, allowing those two young empresarios to achieve their dream: True mountain wines, of exceptional quality.

And the cellar? Well. 

After that casual conversation one fine spring morning, now the bottles of “El Celler del Miracle” blessedly mature in silent reverence inside the cavernous bowels of this stunning 15th Century Benedictine monastery.

Come and hear the full story from Jordi himself! You won't refuse him a glass of his loveliest white or red, will you? 

His passion, patience and knowledge will take you on a fascinating journey for the senses. 

After a quiet walk through the fields, you will be allowed to go inside the deepest secrets of the cellar, to tinkle amongst oak barrels, old hand presses and other contraptions. Like a curious child.

Tasting everything. Asking away.

Everything is done slowly and by hand here. Do not rush.

Breath in the sweet aroma of fermenting grapes and ancient history, in this quirky abbey vineyard in the mountains.

Quite possibly, the first vineyard in the world, where time actually stops.

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Have a Cool G&T at Criolla

This trendy bar in the heart of the old town has some of the best cocktails this side of the mountains.


Ask Andreu to DJ some of his all-time classics and sit under the arches watching the town go past. 

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ENG Families

: :  Family Adventures  : :

 El Zoo del Pirineu

Go up and see our friends in Canalda and enjoy their daily flight show, showcasing all the fascinating birds that inhabit these mountains - falcons, eagles, owls and lots of other animals. You won’t be able to resist Guille the fox … so cute!

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Solsona City

Solsona is perhaps a small town, but it is full of amazing hidden features.

It is an old walled city, proud and full of deep history. Of ingrained and discreet traditions some of which may go unnoticed, but never fail to surprise when discovered by curious foreigners.

The Solsoní popular folklore is of an astonishing creative richness. Its special holidays and fairs have a unique universe of dancing Giants and fantastical and mythical Beasts, some of them crafted centuries ago, that will take you back in time.

If you have kids, don't miss the “Cuarto dels Gegants” or "Giants’ Room" where they all rest, waiting for the summer or winter fairs when they are brought to life with dance and music. And if you're in the area in February, the Solsona Carnival is one of the best kept secrets in the country.

Solsona is just a 15-minute drive from Forest Days and it’s a must-see.

We insist. You can not miss it.
You will thank us later.

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ENG Mountain

: :  Mountain Walk Adventures  : :

The Top of Busa's Cliffs

Excellent quick fix if you’re yearning for soaring mountain views! 

Follow our road to the end of the Vall d’Ora valley and 20 minutes later you’ll find yourself some 1400 metres up, with some breath-taking sights and fun walks to do for every level of fitness. 

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Walking and Biking you said?

Grab your boots, bike or running shoes and get exploring!

You can follow the Tour de France route from 2009 if you're into road biking, follow one of the many well marked mountain bike trails or just grab a map and make your own adventure.


We'll help out if you need inspiration.

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ENG Winter

: :  Winter Adventures  : :

Snow Love

Once winter comes the fun moves higher up the mountains instead of down by the rivers and pools.

The downhill ski station of Port del Comte and the cross-country area of Tuixent - La Vansa are only 40 mins drive away.


Spend the day skiing - or snow shoeing - then come back and warm up by a roaring stove!

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FOREST DAYS' WEATHER FORECAST - there's fun to be had whatever the weather!

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