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Thank you for your interest in coming to stay with us here at Forest Days and having an adventure in the beautiful Catalan countryside! 

Forest Days is a small and secluded venture, purposely designed in the middle of nature in 2014.

With only four camps, remarkably separated across five hectares of forest and meadows, there has always been plenty of room here for everyone to enjoy the peaceful wilderness so characteristic of Forest Days.

You can now plan your adventure with us and book using the Online Calendar at the top of this page.

Offers ENG

  May offers for Spring 2024,  here we go!  

Few things make us feel so chuffed as when we hear you saying you’re so happy, you don't want to leave.

Or, perhaps you´d love to come and stay, but simply don´t have much time?

Maybe we can give you a hand with that? 

Hopefully these offers will help you create your very own special stay.

For those of you short of time, you can now book

your one night escapade to the forest!

 From 175 Euros for 2 people 

 night stays are now possible!



nights stays

       have a  10% off discount!

make the most of your experience!    until the 16th june 2024



nights OR MORE

        and get  15% off YOUR total stay!

for stays until the 16th june 2024


 Wait! Our  Summer offers are here too!  


nights OR MORE

        and get  10% off YOUR total stay!

for stays IN JULY AND AUGUST - till JUNE 16th 


Here at Forest Days we take your expectations, comfort and happiness very, very seriously.

So here you'll find some simple key points which we believe you should know, before making a booking.

We hope you find them helpful!


Families with children, who are 6 years or older, are now very welcome to stay in our family camps all year round! thanks to the new fire guards installed on all the stoves during the colder months, which provide extra safety. 

More details on "Coming with children" >>

In order to offer you the convenience of choice, our fun paper satchel Breakfast Bag is optional, and can be added to your stay, for an additional charge, at the point of booking.

You´ll find it in the Larder area lovingly prepared everyday, ready to pick up and to be enjoyed in your quiet corner of the forest. 

And remember! You can bring your own utensils to cook in our fantastic, off-grid, outdoor Forest Camp Kitchen space, or rent our lovely Cooking Kit!

Also in the Larder area you’ll find the camp’s refrigerator for your own fresh food and an Honesty Bar fridge stocked up with cold drinks and snacks for your convenience.

More details about our breakfast at "Cooking, Food and Meals" >>

Remember that during the colder months of Spring and Autumn, you'll be able to enjoy a lovely wood fire in your tent and as much freely available wood as you need, to keep you cosy!

If you do make other plans and cancel your booking upto 15 days in advance, we will refund you 50% of the cost of your stay. For cancellations after this time, there is no refund. 

More info on our Cancellation Policy Terms & Conditions here >>

Remember! Changes to dates of bookings are not possible as they are considered a cancellation 

Please remember, that the 25% deposit, required to secure your booking, is not refundable and is not transferable to another booking.

More details in the section "The Booking Process" >>

Nowadays almost every traveller enjoys the protection of Travel Insurance, and Forest Days kindly requests all its guests to ensure they have their own in order to cover unexpected cancellations due to illness, changes in travel or curtailment of their holidays for whatever reason, as it will not be possible to make any exceptions or alterations to  Forest Days’ Standard Cancellation Policy.

As detailed in our Terms and Conditions, changes in dates of reservations are not possible without losing the deposit or even full payment, depending on the date of notification, and are considered a cancellation.

Bear in mind that when placing a booking and paying a deposit, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

Please, read all the details about our Standard Cancellation Policy here >>

The minimum nights stay is usually 2 nights but does increase or reduce based on the camp and the season of the year.

Please check the Online Booking Calendar for the latest availability and minimum night stay requirement.

The capacity of the camps, as shown on the Online Calendar, is not alterable without consulting with us, prior to making a reservation.

Exceeding the number of guests made on a booking - either adults or children of any age - or bringing your pets, renders the booking null and non-refundable.
Our best advice, ever?

If you can't find what you're looking for online, do not book!  

Write to us first. We'll love to be of help! 

Contact Forest Days to make a consultation about the number of guests >>



We hope you found those key points helpful!


If you wish to make a booking for 2024, go to the top of the page and browse the Online Booking Calendar >> for your preferred dates and secure your stay.


In the sections below, you'll find even more detailed information about your stay at Forest Days,

so do read away! 
Hopefully, the following FAQs will answer most of the questions you still might have.

Key Points




Prices 2024 : 

         Now is... Discount Season!   

Make the most of the Early Bird discounts for Bookings during Spring and Summer. These are applied now, for your future holidays.
Don't miss out!


PROFESSIONALS : Special rates and requirements for the rental of our spaces by production companies and professional photographers are available on request.

Booking Process

The Booking Process​ : 

Forest Days kindly requests all its guests to ensure that they have their own Travel Insurance to cover unexpected cancellations due to illness, changes in travel or curtailment of their holidays for whatever reason, as it will not be possible to make any exceptions or alterations to Forest Days’ Standard Cancellation Policy.

As detailed in our Terms and Conditions, changes in dates of reservations are not possible without losing the deposit or even full payment, depending on the date of notification, and are considered a cancellation.

Please bear in mind before making a booking, that when placing a reservation and paying a deposit, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Our standard booking process is as follows:

  • All bookings are made via our online booking system >> which is accessed from the online booking calendar at the top of this booking page.


  • To confirm your booking, a deposit of 25% of the cost of your stay or full payment for stays less than 30 days in advance is required. This is payable by credit or debit card at the point of booking.


  • Please be aware that the 25% deposit is non-refundable and is not transferable to another booking. Changes to the dates of a confirmed booking are not possible and will be considered a cancellation. For details of our cancellation policy please read our T&Cs.


  • Confirmed bookings must be paid in full 30 days before the first date of your stay. If you have already paid a deposit, this final payment will be automatically taken by our booking system from the card you used to pay the deposit, 30 days before the first date of your stay. We will contact you a few days before that date, to remind you this payment is about to be taken.

  • The refund protocol of our Cancellation Policy, in a nutshell, is as follows:


  • Bookings which have been fully paid and are cancelled between 30 and 14 days from the date of your stay will receive a 50% refund.


  • Bookings which have been fully paid and are cancelled less than 14 days from the date  of your stay will not receive any refund.

  • If, for any reason, you are unable to make a booking online or have any questions before making your booking, please contact us >> directly and we will assist you with the booking process.


Min Stays

Minimum Stays 

The minimum nights stay is usually 2 nights but does increase or reduce based on the camp and the season of the year.


Please check the Online Booking Calendar for the latest availability and minimum night stay requirement.

Check In Out

Check In / Out Times

Your camp will be available for check-in between 3pm and 8pm on the day of your arrival. Please be aware that the check-in process will take ~30-40 mins while a team member shows you all the important features of the installations so adherence to the check-in times is very important.

We ask that you vacate your camp by 12pm on the day of your departure.


If you need to arrive or leave outside these times please contact us to discuss.

Whats Included

What’s Included 

We’ve tried to think of everything you might need to make your stay as comfortable as possible so you should only need to bring your own personal items.


Each camp consists of a fully furnished, 5m bell tent and includes:

  • All 100% cotton bed linen and super-plush towels.

  • Organic tea and coffee making facilities in your tent.

  • Your own private eco bathroom with toilet and hand basin.

  • In order to offer you choice, our breakfast is optional. At the point of booking, you can choose whether to add to your stay, for an additional charge, our simple and fun Breakfast grab bag, which you can pick up in the Pantry area every morning and enjoy it at your leisure.

​You can see more details about breakfast in "Cooking & Meals" >>


During your stay you also have full use of the communal facilities including:


The Shed, where hot showers and bathrooms are located and also the gadget charging sockets. The Pantry area, where a practical, special refrigerator is available to guests, where each camp has its designated space for exclusive use and where you can store your groceries, as well as our fun Honesty Bar stoked with cool drinks and small snacks.


And finally, our beautiful Central space specially designated for cooking – The Forest Camp Kitchen – with gas barbecues, stoves and washing up area. 

It's a really fun space with a rustic style look, totally off-grid but completely self-sufficient and with beautiful views!

You can see more details of those spaces in Cooking & Meals >> or in The Camp elements >> tab, on the main menu at the top of the page.

Stove and Fires

Wood Stoves and Campfires

During the colder months, typically from late September to late May, a wood burning stove is installed in your tent and comes with all the wood you will need to keep you warm throughout your stay.


Please note that the exact dates when we install and remove the stoves will always be subject to weather conditions and fire restrictions at the time.

During this period, evening campfires are also held in our communal central area - subject to the authorisation of our local Forest Rangers.


Coming With Children

We’re afraid we’re not the sort of place where we make it easy for kids to be glued to their tik tok friends all day long (flikery connection) or play football tirelessly (sorry Messi lovers, footballs are actually banned from site!) 


At Forest Days we swap smartphones and bouncy balls, for stick men, improvised forest treasure hunts, stargazing and an endless supply of den-making material.

Believe us. You’re not gonna get bored or run out of wood to play with! 

Families with nature loving, fun seeking and quietly curious children, are always very welcome in our family camps all year round.
During the colder months, fire guards installed on all the stoves inside the tents provide extra safety and allow every camp to accommodate up to 2 children inside the tent, during spring and autumn.


Our minimum age requirement for children staying at Forest Days is 6 years old. If you do have slightly younger children who you think would enjoy the experience please contact us to discuss.


There are two ways to accommodate children in the camp:


  • Inside the main tent: a maximum of 3 additional children can be accommodated in the main tent where comfortable z-mattresses are provided, along with all the necessary bedding. These can be folded up to make seats during the day and laid out as beds at night.


  • Satellite tent: For stays of 3 days or more, in the summer season, we also offer the option of pitching a smaller satellite tent close to the main tent. It is the same type of tent as the main one just smaller and is pitched directly on the ground. It is as lovingly furnished as the main tents and is really popular with children who enjoy their own space and leaves the adults the whole of the main tent for themselves! This satellite tent can accommodate up to 3 children which is the maximum permitted per camp.

  • Parents, please note the foldable z-mattresses are super thick, 180cm long when laid out and 65cm wide, so are suitable for all but the most grown up children. If your children are very  grown up and you have any concerns on the suitability of the beds for them, please contact us >> before making a booking.

Our beautiful Satellite tents for kids are set-up and then taken down for each individual stay.
Because of this, the option of adding a satellite tent to your camp will only be available on the online booking system, if you are staying for 3 nights or longer.

However, if your family stay is for 2 nights only, but you would still like to have a satellite tent for your kids, there is a one-off cost of 190 euros to set up a satellite tent in your camp.


You can see some images of our satellite tent here:

The Satellite Tent

The junior explorers' own den

Satellite Tents Tariff:

•    Cost per satellite tent for 3 nights stays or longer:  40 Euros per night


•    Cost per satellite tent for 2 nights stays* :  190 Euros one-off set-up cost

*Please contact us >> via email to let us know if you require one for your 2 night stay, either before or after you’ve made a booking, as this option is not available in the online booking process and the set-up fee will have to be added manually to your online reservation summary.

Kid's Tariff:

•    Cost per child:     ages 6 - 15  =  35 Euros / night

•    Children aged 16 and over are considered adults - please contact us >> to discuss.    



Back to key points  >>

Check Availability & Prices >>


Group Reservations

If you would like to make a booking for a group or book the entire site for an event you can still use our booking tool >> to check our availability, however we then ask that you contact us >> directly via email or through our contact form to discuss options and prices.


Cooking & Meals

The Forest Kitchen

Sunset cooking at its best

Cooking at Forest Days:

If you would like to cook your own food in the outdoors while you are here at Forest Days, we just have a great designated spot for you!

We think you'll love our fun outdoor kitchen area – The Forest Camp Kitchen – which is an outdoor cooking area with gas stoves, gas BBQs, and large family tables, where you can prepare or eat your delicious supper while the sun goes down.

It is a very special space, rustic in style, totally off-grid but completely self-sufficient, and with beautiful views!

Whilst you are very welcome to eat your food in the privacy of your own camp too, please note that cooking is strictly not permitted inside the tents or in any part of the camps - even with your own equipment - during any period of the year since our local fire regulations are very strict in this aspect.

Ah! and if you don't want to worry about bringing your own cooking equipment, we can provide you with a lovingly prepared cooking kit which contains all the pots, pans and cutlery you will need to cook up a fine meal so you don’t need to worry about anything.

TIP: The Cooking Kits also include: Olive Oil, Salt and ground Coffee for approximately two days.

The tariffs for Cooking Kit rental are as follows:


  • Couples cooking kit : 30 Euros per stay

  • Family cooking kit : 45 Euros per stay



Forest Days' Meals:

Whilst self-sufficiency and the joys of cooking outdoors are part of any wild camping holidays, we know that sometimes it’s nice not to have to think too much about food!

Because of that, we thought you might like some of those food options, which can be added to your stay at the point of booking, or later on, to make your stay even more relaxed.


  • The Breakfast Bag

Breakfast is a delicious and unpretentious affair at Forest Days. 
A few modest but truly wholesome ingredients, sourced and lovingly crafted by local artisan hands, make for an honest and authentic meal fit for a king.. or an expert explorer! (Certainly this spread would have made Scott, Amundsen or Shackleton, smile with delight.)


Good coffee, good bread and a good chunk of exquisite cheese, along with some other delightful provisions. All to be savoured in the quietness of the forest or by your fireplace.
How does that sound?


You’ll find all your goodies lovingly prepared and tenderly wrapped in brown paper in the Larder area everyday, ready to pick up, diligently made for you and to be enjoyed at your leisurely pace.

The tariffs are

Adults: 12 euros and Children: 8 euros (The younger adventurers have a slightly different but equally yummy version.)


  • Organic meat BBQ Packs


Looking for the perfect and quick lunch or supper?

We provide a range of truly zero-km, delicious organic meat packs to enjoy on our BBQs and you can find out all about them in our "Store" page here >>


Both of these options can be chosen at the time of making your booking, or by requesting them at least 4 days prior to your arrival date.


Coming with Pets

Unfortunately, we'e afraid we are unable to accept animals on the site. We have a number of our own animals which roam freely round the site and the forest itself is really full of wildlife, especially at night - wildboars, roe deer, foxes, rabbits and all kinds of adorable critters - and we’ve found that even the most well behaved pet finds it all a bit too much to maintain their calm!




We hope to welcome you soon to Forest Days!


Contact us :


TIP : Chances are that you’re not going to find us if you try to reach us over the phone.
We could use the forest (and its fickle connection!) as an excuse, but the truth is that our telephone availability is very limited.

However, you’ll find our customer service really shines when you contact us by email. Over time we’ve discovered that we’re tenfold more effective at solving problems, doubts and questions if you outline them briefly for us in a email. We will always try to get back to you as soon as we can*. And we will always respond. You can count on that.

Trust us. 
If there’s anything at Forest Days that puzzles you, slam on that keyboard and tell us. We’re here to listen.

Your details were sent successfully to Forest Days.

*We aim to reply to all queries within 2 days but please ensure you add our email,, to the ‘safe senders’ list on your email application and be sure to check your ‘junk mail’ as well. If you don’t hear back from us within 2 days it probably means your email got lost so please feel free to contact us again. 

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