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Learning Academy

Foto: Marc Santaeularia

A very English Expedition Camp

Welcome to our very special night of incredible tales and wonders.

Shackleton at Camp with cook.jpg

Hurley and Shackleton at camp. Antartica 1915


Gertrude Bell -  Iran 1909

Through the medium of English Language, you will immerse yourself into the real stories of extraordinary explorers and adventurers from a bygone era, whose expeditions from all over the world will bring us amazing tales of resilience, resourcefulness and sheer will power!

Submerge yourself in this unusual English learning experience in the forest, and join us in this voyage to the remotest corners of the world, where you will practise and hone your spoken English in the comradeship of an Expedition Camp.


Let your English flow in a playful way, increase your vocabulary and learn new communication skills, in a practical, utterly memorable and fun environment.


Be inspired by the struggles, feats and achievements of these amazing characters, and

learn, play and grow, in this truly engaging adventure.

2 Days 

of Full English Immersion

in a Solsonès forest.

Who is this experience for?

  • Medium to High English Level Speakers

  • 8 Adult students ONLY -  from 18 to 99 y.o.

What's included?

  • Gamification Learning Experience and One-to-One tuition by an experienced English Qualified Teacher.

  • Overnight stay in a large fully furnished Expedition cotton tent, set up for 2 people, in individual beds.

  • English traditional Cuisine and popular foods, snacks and drinks. Afternoon Tea, supper and breakfast included.

Bessie Coleman First African American Woman pilot in the world 1892_1926.jpg

Bessie Coleman First African American Woman pilot 



Price per Person TBC 

All meals and accommodation included.





Your Teacher and Facilitators are:

  • English Tuition Director:


  • Event facilitators:



Nellie Bly, Journalist and adventurer  1889

Arctic Explorer PEter Freuchen-and his wife-Dagmar-Cohn OR Freuchen - Gale.jpg

Arctic Explorer Peter Freuchen and his wife, illustrator Dagmar Cohn - Photo Irving Penn  1947

And remember,

in this engaging event you will:


Have Fun, Learn, Play and Grow


and you will not:

Be bored

or speak any other language

except English!

  • For more details on the accommodation:  go to THE CAMP page of Forest Days' website.

  • For more information on the English learning methodology, contact:

Coming soon.

  • Reservations Deadline:  TBC

Ready to enroll in this adventure with us?

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