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Copy of the special offers we used in 2023

  Autumn offers,  here we go!  

Few things make us feel so chuffed as when we hear you saying you’re so happy, you don't want to leave.

Or, perhaps you´d love to come and stay but simply don´t have much time.

Maybe we can give you a hand with that? 

Hopefully these offers will help you create your very own special stay.

For those of you short of time, you can now book

your one night escapade to the forest!

 185 Euros for 2 people 


 night stays are now possible!

      autumn SPECIAL    

nights stays

       have a  10% off discount!

make the most of your experience!    until the 5th november  2023


      AUTumn SPECIAL    

nights OR MORE

        and get  20% off YOUR total stay!

for stays until the 5th november 2023


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