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Wild Workshops

in the forest



The Master Forest

Welcome to this inspiring proposal by Duduá - the leading artisan masterclass workshop experts - where Nature and Art live together in an essential way.

With the help and expertise of the master artisan teachers from Duduá, you’ll be able to live an unusual and excepcional experience: inhabiting a forest for a few days while enjoying professional artisan master workshops.


Winter 2023 

Colours Log Book

This is a proposal for tenacious DIY lovers who are passionate about learning how to create beautiful and unique things, which combines the world of handmade and shinrin yoku - the magic of forest baths.

This incredible sensory journey takes place at the heart of Forest Days Camp’ small forest, lost between mountains, rivers and valleys in the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees.

Who says you must undergo a long journey,

to experience the wildest of adventures?


Dyeing wiht winter onion peel.

For a few days you will live in our camp in the wild forest, amongst centenary oaks and pines, in our beautiful and comfortable white cotton tents.


Like in the old times, when ancient nomadic artisans roamed the world, you'll also experiment with the rustic way of handcrafting objects in an open-air setting, without electricity or technology.

We’ll go back to the real roots of craftsmanship. To feel and work with nature’s offerings, as a means of artistic expression.


Sunset at Huckleberry Finn Camp


Purple Brassica dye


Winter Carving session


Our bell tents in Spring

These will be days of long walks through the woods collecting unexpected treasures, lively chats and laughter by the fire under the stars, amongst a carpet of wood shavings and delicate pieces of colored fabrics. Of long evenings enjoying the incandescent sunsets between sips of steaming coffee.

A few days of stimulating and balsamic conversations, of elementary and subtle emotions.

After your passage through this primeval forest, the return to your everyday life will acquire another dimension.


The forest’ legacy will be with you forever.


Preparing the flowers after collecting


Nordic style Kuksas and spoons

Does it sound good?

Tempted to unfold your imagination and to venture practicing your Catalan or spanish language skills while living this wild adventure?

If you do, just head to the lovely Dudua website

we’re you’ll find out all the details

and how to book this trip.

Come and be creative in the wild forest with us!

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